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Our first and foremost concern is to provide you, as a sponsor of the abandoned McKay Hochman plans, a support system to turn to and on which to rely. Our goal is to offer you a new home with quality documents and expertise without equal.

We have what you need for new business
Pre-approved prototype and volume submitter DC, DB, and 403(b), as well as specialty plans
Choose either Pay-as-you-Go or Sponsor
Special discounted solutions from small to large volumes of plans
Transcription service to map current plans or create new plan packages with our exclusive turn-key approach
Stay up-to-date with our techncial support
Unmatched response to all your retirement plan questions and notification of important issues
Compliance support in the form of good-faith amendments designed specifically for the McKay Hochman Prototype Plans
Full credit of the discount document or annual support fee with vendor sponsorship 
Vendor sponsorship not required for any offering
For more information about how we can specifically help you navigate your needs and responsibilities, contact Nadine Dandorf at or
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