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AccuDraft Pro Update Released

New AccuDraft Pro Update Released Today

Today we have posted an update to the AccuDraft Pro desktop software that makes changes to the PPA DC plan and EGTRRA DB plan templates to reflect the re-titling of our plans into the Document Agility Inc name. For more details on the re-titling of our plans see our earlier news article.

Important: The way you access AccuDraft and the way updates work is changing

Accessing AccuDraft Pro - This update will create a new shortcut icon in your Start Menu under the HotDocs 11 folder (or in your "All Apps" view in Windows 8 and 10) called "AccuDraft Pro". Clicking this new "AccuDraft Pro" icon is our recommended way to access the AccuDraft Pro system going forward, although you can also double-click the library file (named "ACU_accudraft_pro.hdl") directly to open the program. If you want, you can make a copy of the shortcut icon and place it on your desktop.

New Updating Process - We are moving to a new process for updates. Whenever there are changes to content or new content, like amendments or other items, we will do three things:

1. Post an update on the Resources Page of the AccuDraft website.

2. Create an article in the Content News area of our website, such as this one, explaining the details of the changes made.

3. Send out an explanatory email that briefly describes the changes and connects you to the related Content News article for full details.

In order to move to this new update process, we will begin using HotDocs' built-in functionality for distributing template updates, and we therefore needed to create a new library (with the same items in it as the original library) with a new name (ACU_accudraft_pro.hdl), and change the location of the library file and AccuDraft templates. The installation file that you will download (detailed instructions below) will do all of this for you and will create a shortcut icon that will connect you to the proper templates when you use the system. After this initial update, all future updates will install content into the appropriate folders automatically.

How to Install this Update

To install this new AccuDraft Pro update, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Resources Page of the AccuDraft website, or navigate to and click the "Resources" menu item.

2. You will be prompted to "Sign up". If you have a login already, click the "I'm already a user, Login" link and enter your email and password. If not, enter the email and a password you'd like to use for the AccuDraft site. PLEASE NOTE: this is the new AccuDraft resources site and is not connected with the previous AccuDraft site. Your login credentials for the older AccuDraft site will not work for the new site. Once you have a login, you can visit this page from time-to-time to find updated pension resources as well.

3. On the Resources page, click the "AccuDraft Pro Updates" icon from the green icons menu. This will take you to the "AccuDraft Pro Updates" area of the Resources page. Click the blue "AccuDraft_Pro_Update_052316.hdi" link towards the upper left of the "AccuDraft Pro Update" area. This will bring you to a download page. Click the "Download" button. Be sure to note where the file is being downloaded (generally into your "Downloads" folder).

4. Once the file download is complete, navigate to the folder in which the update file (AccuDraft_Pro_Update_052316.hdi) was downloaded. Then double-click the file, and this will launch the update process. 5. When the install process begins, you will see the Install Template Set dialog. Set the value in the "Specify where the templates should be installed:" textbox to "Documents\HotDocs\Templates". You can either type it in manually or click the folder search icon to the right of the textbox and navigate to your "My Documents" folder, then to the subfolder "HotDocs", and finally the subfolder "Templates". Then in the "Choose where the library file should be installed:" textbox, select "Documents\HotDocs\Libraries" from the dropdown. Then click the "OK" button. You will not need to perform this step in any future updates. 6. The installer will begin installing your library and content templates. The installer will display a dialog box to let you know when the process is complete. Click "OK" in this dialog box when it appears. 7. After you click "OK" in the dialog box, the AccuDraft Pro program will launch, and you will be in the new library, which will contain the same folders and templates as the previous library, except that it will be labeled "AccuDraft Pro - PPA Library" and will have a Release Date of May 23, 2016.

What is New in this Release?

1. The following plan documents are re-titled to use Document Agility as the pre-approved sponsor (applies only if your firm has not adopted the plan as a Word-for-Word Adopter):

- PPA NS Proto 401(k) - PPA NS Proto Profit Sharing - PPA NS Proto Money Purchase - PPA Volume DC (Adoption Agreement) - PPA Volume DC (Contract) - EGTRRA Defined Benefit

2. The 5307 IRS Submission Forms have been temporarily removed from the PPA Volume DC Contract Plan and will be re-added when the next DC Restatement Period opens. Generally, the need for submitting plans for an individual determination is related to requests for minor language deviations, and AccuDraft is now handling these requests by working directly with a plan provider to get the requested language modifications and create the required pre-approved sponsor certification. 3. The Plan Modifications library item has been removed from the PPA Volume Adoption Agreement Plan folder, because, as described above, AccuDraft has changed its process for indicating plan language modifications to our Volume Submitter plans. AccuDraft is now handling these requests by working directly with a plan provider to get the requested language modifications and create the required pre-approved sponsor certification. If you have a modification request, please contact AccuDraft support at 877-346-5994 or

Have a Question or Need Information?

As always, if you have any questions on this new update, feel free to contact us at 877-346-5994 or

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